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Lackawanna Bar Association

The rules of civil procedure and its amendments can be found on this page. Click on the links to open the documents.




2014 Lackawanna County Rules of Civil Procedure


2013 Lackawanna County Family Court Rules


Description: Order increasing the fee on all offenders subject to supervision by the Lackawanna County Adult Probation Office to $65.00 per month for Lackawanna County residents and $75.00 per month for non-county resident offenders.


Description: Order increasing Adult Probation Supervision fee.

Description: Adopting Administrative Order increasing fees for entry into the ARD program for both DUI and non-DUI offenders.

Description: Adopting Administrative Order imposing a fee on ARD cases and other specific probation or parole cases when the offender is placed on CallTrack.

Description: Adopting Administrative Order imposing a fee for drug tests.

Description: Amending Local Rule of Criminal Procedure 525 (Bail Bond). (Listed in Court Order as Local Rule 105(c))




Description: Rule set for Orphans' Court Rules.

Description: Rule set for Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Description: Rule set for Magisterial District Judges.