Further Guidance for Exception Permitting Attorneys to Access Their Offices

The PBA has been informed, in response to an official inquiry by a state representative, that Governor Tom Wolf’s office has clarified two aspects of the new exception regarding lawyers gaining access to their offices. The legal services exception was updated on April 27 in the Wolf Administration’s Industry Operation Guidance and FAQs.

First, the Governor’s Office has clarified that clients are permitted to visit a lawyer’s office with regard to legal matters permitted under the exception.
Second, the Governor’s Office has clarified that a notary can now notarize documents in-person at a law office provided the notarization is performed in relation to legal work permitted by the exception.

Overall, the expectation is that law offices remain generally closed and that lawyers and staff members, including notaries, access offices on a limited basis to render those legal services that cannot be completed remotely and that are listed in the FAQs. The Secretary of Health’s orders also must be followed.


This information is being provided by the PBA to assist you in making your best determination about the appropriateness and correctness of accessing your law office at this time.