WestLaw offers Free Resources on Pandemics and Business Interruptions


The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has the attention of world.  Thomson Reuters Practical Law is here to help guide you with a collection of resources across jurisdictions focused on pandemics and business interruptions.


The Global Coronavirus Toolkit is a collection of Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Checklists and other resources covering a range of public health emergency and disaster preparedness topics applicable to attorneys and professionals located in the UK, US, China, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


All resources within the Key Global Response: COVID-19 section are available free of cost. This is an evolving and dynamic issue. We will offer any additional resources specific to COVID-19 or pandemics free as they are identified or published and will add them to this section of the toolkit as they become available.


You can access the Global Coronavirus Toolkit from the Practical Law homepage or the In-House Resource Center.


Please let me know if you have questions about accessing these resources.


Thank you,

Jeremy Knapp

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