Announcement re: COVID-19






Dear Member,

 On behalf of the Lackawanna Bar Association, I participated in a conference call on Friday, March 13, 2020, with President Judge Michael Barrasse, Court Administrator, Frank Castellano, and other members of the LBA Board of Directors. In that call, Judge Barrasse authorized the LBA to notify its members that, due to COVID – 19, and for at least the next month, the Court will attempt to limit all non-essential appearances.

 To that end, the Judges will look very favorably upon the use of conference calls in lieu of personal appearances and the Court will also look favorably upon requests for continuances as long as the same are not being used to intentionally delay a matter. 

While this remains an extremely fluid situation, Judge Barrasse and Mr. Castellano also want LBA members to know that the Court, and the County, are doing everything necessary to protect the health and safety of all those they serve including scaling back the number of people in and out of the courthouse, as noted above. Further, the Court expects to issue additional written orders, regarding ARDs and Pre-Trial Conferences, which we will continue to disseminate upon receipt.

 On that same note, in response to concerns regarding COVID-19, the LBA office will close to all public traffic through at least March 30, 2020. Commencing today, all meetings and events scheduled through March 30, 2020, are cancelled or postponed. 

 The Jurist will be published as scheduled. We ask that all Jurist notices be sent electronically to and that all payment(s) be made through the LBA Website.

 We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continue to timely deal with the repercussions of this Pandemic and please know that the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, and members, remains our paramount goal.

 Thank you,

Mary Walsh Dempsey, President

Lackawanna Bar Association

Board of Directors